Commit 11e75468 authored by Raphaël Vinot's avatar Raphaël Vinot

chg: Bump Changelog

parent cbf30397
......@@ -2,6 +2,66 @@ Changelog
v2.4.113 (2019-08-16)
- Helpers & testcases for syncing. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Preliminaty setup for testing syncing. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Add few tests for admin tasks. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Update MISP, test sync server. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Properly support attribute/add of multiple attributes (2.4.113+)
[Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump version. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Improve test cases. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Update and improve live testing. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Add tests cases for sync, bump describeTypes. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Return empty list instead of None. [Pierre-Jean Grenier]
In all cases but one, the 3rd returned object is a (potentially empty) list.
- Some more code cleanup. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Code cleanup. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Enable more tests. [Raphaël Vinot]
- #4891 was fixed. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump describeTypes. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Fallback to propose attribute update. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Properly __repr__ MISPUser. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Move __not_jsonable *inside* the __init__ [Raphaël Vinot]
Turns out, if you modify a variable defined outside the __init__,
every instances (and inherited classes) of that class will be impacted by it.
- Exception when posting multiple attributes on attributes/add. [Raphaël
Fix #433
Few cleanups in code.
- Include date_from & date_to in subject and report content. [Koen Van
- Allow statistics date_from date_to. [Koen Van Impe]
- date_from + date_to
- move misp object creation after argument parser
- Allow to supply mail options as arguments on command line. [Koen Van
- Fix stats_report example to use ExpandedPyMISP. [Maxime Thiebaut]
The stats_report example relied on deprecated functions making it crash.
This has been fixed by upgrading to ExpandedPyMISP. Further checks have
been introduced to ensure used dictionnary keys do exist as the example
also crashed on clean MISP instances due to empty responses.
v2.4.112 (2019-08-02)
......@@ -16,6 +76,7 @@ New
- Bump changelog. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump Changelog. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump version. [Raphaël Vinot]
- [tests] Few improvements. [Raphaël Vinot]
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