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chg: Bump changelog

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......@@ -2,6 +2,103 @@ Changelog
v2.4.111 (2019-07-12)
- Introduce ability to create a sharing group. [Tom King]
- Allow to pass delimiter & quotechar to the CSV loader. [Raphaël Vinot]
- [example] Added edit_organisation examples. [Steve Clement]
- Method to POST a STIX file to MISP and create a new event. [Raphaël
- Object generator for ssh authorized_keys files. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Allow custom user-agent. [Christophe Vandeplas]
- Bump version. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bumb misp-objects. [Raphaël Vinot]
- [tests] WTF upload_sample on travis. [Raphaël Vinot]
- [tests] Add custom error message on upload_sample - fix last commit.
[Raphaël Vinot]
- [tests] Add custom error message on upload_sample. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Remove roaming as it can't be set in this request. [Tom King]
- Allow for deletion of security group. [Tom King]
- Bump dependencies. [Raphaël Vinot]
- [last] You can now paginate over multiple results in the last example
command. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
You can do stuff like this:
python3 -l 48h -m 10 -p 2 | jq .[]
which means the last 10 events on second page which are between a
time range of 0 and 48 hours.
- [tests] now deleted flag is returning only the deleted values (to be
consistent) [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- [misp-objects] updated to the latest version. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Bump deps (lief 0.10 dev) [Raphaël Vinot]
- Use pydeep from pypi, add test. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump dependencies. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump dependencies. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump Pipfile for python 3.7. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Skip attribute in object when value is empty, skip empty objects.
[Raphaël Vinot]
- [perms] Added try/except for various permission conditions, also
create the output dir if not exist fix: [try/except] Catch Ctrl-c
keyboard interrupt fix: [style] isort imports. [Steve Clement]
- [direct_call] Allows the response type to be something else than a
JSON (e.g. csv). [mokaddem]
- [feed generator] Added missing fields. [iglocska]
- Properly fix deprecation warning. [Raphaël Vinot]
fix #390
- Travis & python2. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Last commit foobar. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Install lief on python < 3.7 with pipenv. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump Test files because of new template version. [Raphaël Vinot]
- [openioc] changed default mapping for
RouteEntryItem/Destination/string. [0x3c7]
- [openioc] Changed mapping for RouteEntryItem/Destination/string to
domain instead of url because UrlHistoryItem/URL is mostly used for
urls. [0x3c7]
- Fixes other mapping to other types. [0x3c7]
- [openioc] Allow the use of types in openioc content tags. [0x3c7]
- Sync sightings between MISP servers. [Koen Van Impe]
Sync sightings between MISP servers
Sync from multiple clients to one authoritative MISP instance.
To be run from cron
(blog docu coming)
- Added includeWarninglistHits as a possible filter for the event level
restsearch. [Jeroen Pinoy]
- Resolve issue with change_sharing_group which do not update event
successfully. [hrifflet]
- Use misp_verifycert flag. [Koen Van Impe]
- Take 'to_ids' setting in account and PEP8 checks. [Koen Van Impe]
- Include check if 'to_ids' is included in the data returned from the
import module
- PEP8 checks
- Automation script that links vmray_submit and vmray_import. [Koen Van
Import finished VMRay tasks ; add attributes to event
Makes use of the 'incomplete' workflow taxonomy
Needs to be put in a cronjob to run in the background
- Update PyMISP_tutorial.ipynb. [Carlos Borges]
The function to collect event_id and put it into a list isn't looking into each MISPAttribute.
Just updated the script to look it.
v2.4.106 (2019-04-24)
......@@ -32,6 +129,7 @@ New
- Bump changelog. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump Objects. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump version, Bump changelog. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Add python 3.7 support for pipenv users. [Raphaël Vinot]
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