Commit fac748dd authored by Raphaël Vinot's avatar Raphaël Vinot

chg: Bump changelog.

parent a8d1285b
......@@ -2,11 +2,43 @@ Changelog
v2.4.119.1 (2019-12-17)
- URLObject (requires pyfaup) [Raphaël Vinot]
- Version bump. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump test files. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump misp-objects. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Debug travis error message. [Raphaël Vinot]
- [types] eppn type added. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Fix typo. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Move scrippsco2 feed generator to a sub directory. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Update documentation. [Raphaël Vinot]
Fix #396
- Bump objects. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Properly test custom objects. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Adding a sighting takes a little bit of time. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Test case on reference. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Add missing fields to event & attribute for the feed output. [Raphaël
- Make sure the publish timestamp is bumped on update. [Raphaël Vinot]
v2.4.119 (2019-12-02)
- Bump changelog. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump version. [Raphaël Vinot]
- Bump dependencies. [Raphaël Vinot]
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